Welcum to Pookimooon Wowld.

HUUUUUUUies, u found dis place? Welcum to the whacky werld of Pookimoon! Here we got degen Pookimoons huntin' for dat fine dusty goodness COKE. It's like nothin' u ever sniff... I mean, seen before! Jeetomons will overdose.

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Snoort Coke
Snooooooortttt all the FOOKING COKE and get redy for high of yer life.

Pokemon Minecraft Server
COOKED UP moinecraft pokemon servoorrr, developed by cooooked devs, for coooked degenoors to collect biggest autistic pookimoons. Gotta catch all these charges!
Coke'd Up Alpha
Exclusive digital poorties in our custom minecraft pokemon style servoorr. Get all the Alpha from coke'd up high IQ degens.

Pls Do Pley. 👇

Saga; Fram Beningingg
Pokemons lived chill and mellow. But den... da Great Dust Storm of Cracko came frough wun day! Whooooooshies! It covered eweyfing in spawkly, ancient COKE dust, turning them into Pookimoons wif COOKE!
The ferst pookimoon
After Pookimoons found COKE dust, oh boy, did dey LOVE it! Just from snooorting 1 wan whole brick, dey would transform into mega, giga, ultra-retoooorddd versions of demselves. Big eyes, big attitudes, and higher risk tradoooors.
Da COKE Dust Qwest
Our Pookimoons can't get enough of that sweet, sweet Cracko. A big epic questoorr to hoard, stash, and roll around in the dust. But watch out! Too much Cracko and they'll start to do a jeeetinggg. Make sure they DooOoOOooNnnTTdDD dO ItD!


A$H Ketchum
J-Money Blaze
Brocka Rocka Flame

The most aoutistic and fastest growing crypto cooomonity evaw cweated.

We have best active retoords and degen pookimoon catcherz across multiple deviant platforms.